Monday, July 23, 2012


Like pretty much everyone else, I really needed to make this top. Because I love Rachel Comey. And I love those crazy $3 Vogue sales. Originally, I had intended for this to be a wearable muslin, but I like it just fine. You might recognize the fabric from this dress (which I also still wear a lot). The fabric I had slated for the pattern probably wouldn't have suited it anyway. You really need to work with something light here.

Rachel Comey in Cooperstown

At so many points while putting this together, I was "whyyyyy" and "there doesn't need to be a seam here" and "this is taking so long for such a simple top." But I persisted despite my reservations, and it turns out I really do like this top.

Comey in Cooperstown

Comey in Cooperstown

And the moral of the story is... blah blah blah we all knew Rachel Comey is amazing.

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Heather Lou said...

I wanted to kill myself when I made this - the construction is bananas (which I've felt sewing one of her dresses too). I was not super thrilled with the results but that is more the result of my relative inexperiance at the time - this looks great on you though - love the print!