Sunday, July 8, 2012

OH HI. I made these shirts.

I've decided that I miss populating the internet with things of my own making. And I have been sewing a lot again recently, so I might as well document it here.

This shirt is unremarkable and no longer has sleeves. I put it together from a vintage pattern in an afternoon while watching Walk the Line for the first time, somehow. I sorta-love/sorta-hate the vintage cotton print. It's so grandma-y in great/horrible way. I wore it once and now I think I'm going to mail it to my sister.

This other shirt is based on the same vintage pattern, but with a few self-drafted details: (1) back yoke, (2) circular cutout, and (3) curved hem. I also opted for the curved collar option included in the pattern, which needed to be a bit bigger, as it doesn't fully meet the placket at the center front. After sewing it up, I dyed the fabric this horrible light neon yellow, which was supposed to be more of a chartreuse-y green. I can decide if I totally hate it though. The best part is the vintage buttons that pick up on the cobalt blue in the flower print.

These are the terrible photos that Joe attempted. He's kind of the worst with a camera. ("I know that's on manual and I haven't seen you adjust the focus once, you loser.")

I think I decided just now that I'm not that into it.


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