Monday, July 16, 2012

Two-Tone for Joe

When I saw the Two-Tone Shirt project posted on Burdastyle, I knew I wanted to make a version for Joe. It seemed like something he might actually wear and like nothing he already had. (I don't need to attempt a copy of a button-down he can buy at Target for $15. My menswear does not equal commercial menswear.)

And what do you know, this thing hung in his closet for about a day before he pulled it out for work. He was practically out the door before I realized he had put it on, and I was like, "Wait! I made that! Pictures!" So these are the gems from that morning:

And here are some better photos I took when he got home:

Unlike the Burdastyle version, I based my shirt of the old Jakob shirt pattern that I'd purchased way back when it first came out. But I did have to grade it down quite a bit to get the fit we wanted. And since I wasn't using a double-faced material, I cut out all of the facings in another shirting. I also eschewed their added back pleat to keep the fit pretty slim.

I really like this shirt. It might be my favorite thing I've made for him. At least until this sweater is finally done.

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