Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Grand Undertaking

This spring, I designed, drafted, sewed and embellished a fitted, formal evening gown from the ground up. I am beyond proud of myself. In fact, I feel as though I have crossed some kind of designer/seamstress threshold.

It started when my little sister asked me to create a dress for her to perform in (she is a mezzo-soprano studying at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music), as she had been chosen as a soloist to perform with the Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra. Inspired by her selections for Carmen, Lakme, and Samson et Dalila, we opted for a full-length, flowy, and somewhat phoenician-inspired look.

It might be best to show you the process in photos:

Had to address some fit issues between the cups. But that was pretty much it.

The guts. I was really happy with the finishing inside.

(Click to enlarge all photos.)
It was a learning experience, for sure. But I've become so much more confident in my drafting skills and my ability to interpret initial ideas into a final piece. Now I am totally set on making my wedding dress. It's going to rule.

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laura rose said...

I'm really excited that I just stumbled on your blog - it is inspiring me to sew more and take on some more challenges. Do you have a drafting book you used to get started?

Awesome work.